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Lumenis (IPL & ResurFX)®

Lumenis M22 is a modular multi-application platform for theLumenis logo
treatment of different skin conditions. Our Lumenis laser has the
Universal IPL and ResurFX applicators.

What is Universal IPL?IPL Before and After

Universal IPL is an Intense Pulsed Light used for photorejuvenation treatment. IPL uses a broad spectrum of
light which is primarily absorbed by melanin and oxyhemoglobin to help treat conditions related to
sun-induced skin damage.

What does Universal IPL treat?

IPL reduces the appearance of sun spots, broken capillaries, elastosis and fine lines.

What is ResurFX?ResurFX before and after

The ResurFX is used for True Fractional
Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing.

What does ResurFX treat?

ResurFX is a photo-fractional, non-ablative laser treatment used for facial skin resurfacing and to stimulate the production of new collagen.

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