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The Surgery

The Day of Surgery

Before surgery, the doctor will again discuss the procedure with you and obtain your written consent. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask them at this time.

Once you are in the procedure room, we will cleanse the area surrounding your skin cancer with a sterile antibacterial soap. The nurse will then anesthetize (numb) the area of skin containing the cancer with a small local injection (needle). This injection will probably be similar to the one you received when your biopsy was taken. The tissue will be removed by the doctor, and it will be processed in our laboratory next to the procedure room. Depending upon the amount of tissue removed, processing usually takes an additional 30-45 minutes. You will wait in our surgical waiting room while the tissue is processed and examined by the doctor. If the microscopic examination of the removed tissue reveals the presence of any remaining cancer, we will go back and remove more tissue.

Palm Harbor Dermatology

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