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ICOB Membership

Inner Circle of Beauty VIP Membership

Since our opening in August of 2008, we have developed a loyal following. We decided the best way to show our appreciation for this loyalty is to offer two unique opportunities for reduced prices and exclusive services.

ICOB Annual Membership

For a modest annual fee of $350.00, members of the Inner Circle of Beauty receive a 20% discount on all cosmetic products and services.

ICOB Premier Membership

The ICOB Premier membership has been specially created for those clients who are looking for a monthly maintenance program. For an automatically deducted monthly fee of $75.00, Premier members will receive $100.00 credit toward any spa service. That’s an instant savings of $25.00 every month. In addition, a 20% discount on all cosmetic products, additional aesthetic services and cosmetic procedures including Botox®, fillers, and lasers is included.


Palm Harbor
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Palm Harbor , FL 34685
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